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I’ve seen similar photos like this. I have no other information on it.

This photo was taken on November 15, 2008 by the Paranormal Activity Testing Society during an investigation at the West Virginia Penitentiary. The photo was taken in the cafeteria just two hours into the investigation. At the time that the photo was taken there were only three of their investigators present and no one else.


Shadow Ghost

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This photograph was taken by Dale Kaczmarek at Woodlawn Cemetery in 1979 using black and white Infrared film. The picture shows what appears to be a shadowy figure of a man with a brimmed hat on his head between the double tombstones and the tree in the background.

A black and white infrared picture taken at Hull House in downtown Chicago, Illinois by Dale Kaczmarek in November of 1980. This is enlarged blowup of the interior staircase of this most haunted house in Chicago. There was nothing visible to the naked eye when the photograph was taken but what appears are four distinct shadowy monk-like figures standing on the bottom four or five steps. The one directly in the middle appears to be dressed in monk’s habit with his two hands together in prayer. There are two other figures to the left of the center monk and one to the right superimposed on the banister which apparently has no head!