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Freddy Jackson was a mechanic in the Royal Air Force in World War I. Freddy’s squadron served onboard the H.M.S. Daedalus. Two days after Jackson was killed when an airplane propeller hit him, the squadron assembled for a group photo, and there’s Freddy in the back, as he faithfully showed up for his pals and grinning behind the ear of a fellow comrade. Guess nobody bothered to tell Freddy Jackson that he was dead. His face was widely recognized in this photo by members of the squadron.

Another particularly creepy ghost picture. This picture was taken in the 60’s when a family had bought a new car.

When they were showing it off for the camera the face of a man showed up in the back window of the other car in the driveway. There was nobody in either car at the time so it was a real shock for them to find they had taken a ghost picture.

What made it even more of a shock was that the face looked very much like the dead father of the man posing for the picture. The same man that had taught him how to drive years before.

This photograph was taken in an old Irish prison called the Crumlin Road Prison. The prison was built around 1843 or 1845. There were 17 prisoners executed there, the last being hanged in 1961. Fifteen of the 17 men who were hanged, were buried in unmarked graves in unconsecrated ground around the prison walls.

Several prison staff have also been killed there by prisoners and there has also been suicides. The man in the photograph was with a group of painters who were doing some renovation work. He climbed into an empty coffin for a joke and his friends took photographs of him on their mobile phones.

The photograph was taken in the execution cell 13 which was the cell where prisoners would spend their last night before being led to the hanging gallows to be killed. If you look to the left of the mans face you can clearly see a ghostly face!

Many other sightings have been reported in this prison. There have been many terrible things that have happened in the prison. Many people feel a sudden coolness come over them when they enter the execution room and many have even heard cries.

This picture has been passed around a couple of years ago, the scene is a Wilhoit cemetery in Ohio. The participants were dedicating a grave site with a new marker, and re-enactors were present. A couple of the re-enactors posed for a memory shot and got more than they bargained for.

The building had no-one in it, and through the open window on the left is a fairly clear image of what is clearly a ghost-like woman sitting and watching. The image in the window has been cropped and enhanced, but with no further alterations, (adjusting contrast). Interesting image to say the least. They call her the Wilhoit Ghost.

The Picture was taken of a home in Ravenna, Ohio. It was taken by the owners’ 14-year-old son, May 2008. It shows what looks like a young girl in human form looking out the window. She appears to be wearing a blue outfit. The owner of the house and her son were the only ones home at the time and there are no younger children in the family. They have no idea why a young girl would show up in the window of the house. The house has been reported to have had a history of supernatural activity but never to the point of seeing an apparition, at least until this point. The house was built in the early 1930s.